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Woman rings hubby and tells him she’s been promoted at work.

She is now the manager’s personal assistant and will have to work late some nights, starting tonight.

At breakfast the next morning hubby notices her new watch.

When asked about it the wife says she won it in the weekly office raffle.

A week later she rings him to say she has to attend a late meeting with the boss.

Next morning hubby notices her new Gucci purse and asks how can they afford it. “It’s okay” she says. “I won it in the weekly office raffle.”

One evening the following week they arrive home at the same time and she tells him she has to go out again to attend a special client meeting and can he run her a bath while she shaves her legs.

When she goes to the bathroom she is shocked to see half an inch of water in the bath and asks hubby “What’s the meaning of this?”

Husband says “I didn’t think you’d want to get your raffle ticket wet.”

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