Amazon Is Selling Glitter Pills To Make Your Poop Sparkle But You Should NOT Swallow Them

Amazon is selling glitter pills which supposedly, will make your poop sparkle in stunning, poopy, glittery fashion! However, you should not swallow them.
The transparent gelatin capsules filled with glitter can be bought on Amazon, but we wouldn’t recommend buying them. They come in all sorts of different sparkly colors for the holidays, such as Snowman Poop, Reindeer Poop, Donkey Poop, Grinch Poop and Christmas Poop. These may be alright for a gag gift, but again, we wouldn’t recommend actually swallowing them.
This isn’t the first time pills have been sold to make ones poop sparkle.
In 2005, artist Tobias Wong designed 24-karat gold-leaf capsules as a critique of meaningless luxury goods. If you happen to be in the market for meaningless luxury goods, Wong’s capsules go for $425 each.
The pills do come with a warning stating that they are for decoration only and not for human consumption, yet, apparently people are eating them anyway in hopes of glittery results.
Glitter is not recommended for consumption as there are chances that it could get lodged in the digestive system, and it can even alter hormone production.
These pills are not made with edible glitter, so buyer beware. We want to bring this to readers attention, as there have been some articles out there stating that these are safe to digest.
Edible glitter products need to be approved as an edible product. Required by law, the list of ingredients on their label must contain items like sugar, acacia, maltodextrin, cornstarch and color additives. So this consumption is believed to be safe.
So long story short, these glittery pills will probably not make your poop nice and shiny, and if consumed, they will probably cause more harm than good! So if you are going to purchase these, purchases them as a gag gift only! If you receive some…don’t eat them!

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