They Went Drinking Without Their Husband. But When They Returned. OH BOY!

We’re never getting tired of good jokes that bring laughter and improve our mood. The following is oldie but goodie.

Two women go out one night without their husbands.

They go to a bar, have a chat along with a couple of drinks and then head back home.

On the way home one of them turns to the other and says:

“Sorry, but I need to go to a toilet. Can we stop for a minute?”

The other looks at her and replies “I also have to go there, but where can we go in the middle of the street?”

“Oh, look, there is a cemetery over there we can go there.”

“Yes, but how are we going to wipe?”

“I’m just going to use my underwear and throw it out.”

Her friend however, was wearing her favorite (and rather expensive knickers) and didn’t want to ruin them. So she elected to take a wreath off a nearby grave and use that.And so they went home.

The next day the husband of one was concerned that his normally sweet and innocent wife was hungover and still in bed, so he phoned the other.

“Do you know where our wives went last night? Because mine came back home with no underwear.”

“Well you are luckier than me, my wife came home with a ribbon in her butt and on the ribbon it was written: ‘From all of us at the Fire Station. We’ll never forget you.’ ”

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