Lisa is missing when fiancé comes home from work, finds mysterious note with interesting detail

You need trust in order to have a healthy relationship. But sometimes your insecurities and fear of getting rejected take the upper hand.

This story is about a woman who feared that her boyfriend didn’t love her as much as he claimed he did, so she decided to see how he would react if he found out that she’d left him. But she wasn’t ready for what happened next!

Lisa was often feeling insecure and was suffering from low self-esteem. She lived with her boyfriend Joshua, who often assured her that he loved her, both with words and action. But deep down, she still had her doubts.

Just before going to bed last night, Lisa and Joshua they had a small fight over something his mother had said. It really wasn’t a big deal and was a silly argument in the first place. However, they didn’t have time talk it over and make up in the morning, since Joshua had to leave at 5 AM to go to work.

That morning, Lisa thought out a hare-brained scheme to test their relationship. She would pretend to break up with him and see how he would react. She wrote him this letter:
                   “Dear Joshua,

This is the last time I will ever talk to you. What happened last night was absolutely horrible. Don’t bother trying to contact me. I know you’re going to work tomorrow morning – I’ll be back to fetch my things then. Have a nice life.


When she had finished writing the note, she put it on the nightstand. She then got down on the floor and hid under the bed.

The woman in this photo is not related to the story

Boyfriend’s reaction

When Joshua came home, he walked into the bedroom. He was surprised to find that Lisa wasn’t home, since would always talk about their day after work. As he took off his jacket and put it on the bed, he suddenly saw the note on the bedside table. Without hesitation, he grabbed it and started reading it.

When he was finished, he took out a pen and wrote something on the note.

Joshua then started putting on a fresh change of clothes, all the while dancing and humming a cheerful tune.

He pulled out his phone, dialed a number and said, “Hey babe! She finally took the hint and realized that I was just playing with her, so she’s gone for good. I have no idea why I even stuck around for as long as I did. Yeah, see you in 10 minutes, babe! Put on something nice!”

He hung up and left the bedroom.

With tears in her eyes, Lisa crawled out from under the bed and stood up to look at the note on the nightstand. Joshua had written on it:

“I can see your feet sticking out from under the bed, you silly goose. I’m off to the store to get some groceries. Let’s cook something tonight!”
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