Legendary McDonald’s Worker Admits He Put An Extra Nugget In Boxes For Years

Meet Cody Bondarchuk, from Alberta, Canada, who for two-and-a-half years worked at the giant fast food chain.

Behind the scenes of his mundane shifts, Cody saw an opportunity to give something back to the people, and began orchestrating a tasty twist on Ocean’s Eleven.
Imagine taking home your humble 10-piece portion of golden, crispy nugs, and coming across an extra one. The awe, the delight, the joy – more nuggets equals happiness. It’s just a fact.

People have dubbed him the ‘Robin Hood of nuggets’, flocking to show their support for generous worker. Since posting the tweet on Saturday, November 16, it’s already racked up nearly 892,000 likes and more than 78,000 retweets.

One supporter replied: ‘Guarantee you made someone’s day at least once a day each day you worked over those years. Nicely done.’

Another wrote: ‘This thread made me cry. I was the college student with work-study + 2 PT jobs who didn’t have enough. Slept in my car, showered at the gym & stole extra ketchup packets to make soup. The extra nuggets or fries made a huge difference!’.
When asked if any customer noticed and thanked him, Cody replied: ‘The location was mostly drive-thru so not that I can remember, but I’d like to imagine they went home, saw the extra nug, and smiled a little.’
Another jokingly asked if there’s a statute of limitations on ‘grand-theft-nuggets’, to which Cody replied: ‘I hope so because I calculated it and I would owe Ronald about $1,600.’

Others looked to where Cody is working now to try and capitalise on his generosity. One user asked: ‘Are you working at a bank now and if so which branch?’

Of course, there are others who do not salute Cody’s extra nuggets. In fact, some people have leapt in to defend the fast food company (for some absolutely bizarre reason).

One McDonald’s defender wrote: ‘This is the reason why you struggle to get a pay raise. You kept stealing.’ Cody replied: ‘I actually got promoted twice at McD’s but go off.’

Another tweeted: ‘I don’t understand this tweet. Why it has so many likes. At first blush it reads as if @codybondarchuk was noble. But in fact he stole from his employer- and is proud of that. It was premeditated and persistent. We can do good by not stealing. Or where does it end.’

Get a grip, it’s a nugget.


  1. Most of the people who got an extra nugget free did not notice, need it or appreciate it. And some might think stealing from a big company is cool or meaningless to the company, but it is theft and I don't know of any company that does not have a policy that theft is a firing offense.

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