Homeowner Takes Revenge On Doorstep Thieves With Exploding Box Of Poop

Couple fed up with people stealing packages from their porch!
The holiday season is coming and with all the cheer and gift giving that happens, thievery also happens. Packages being stolen from the front porches of homes is a big issue and one couple found a way to put an end to it! The plan stunk, but it worked!
Placing a bait box on their front porch, this couple filled it with two day old poo and rigged it to explode 40-seconds after the box is moved.



  1. Score a huge one for the good guys!!! (Got'ta wonder if they'll get sued due to loss of hearing in today's world.) Anyway; Way to go!

  2. That was so funny! Take that package thieves! LMAO

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