Hateful comments strike elderly woman for feeding a wild animal.

Not so far ago a story of an elderly woman went viral as she was seen giving food to what seemed to be a wild deer. Mette Kvam is an 81-year-old woman that lives in Norway. Unfortunately, she lives alone and has no children due to the loss of her husband many years ago. It just breaks your heart to think that she has lived all alone without having no one to talk to for a big part of her life. Sometimes you love someone so much it is hard to let go forever.
My grandmother had the same story. Her husband died when she was still young in age and even though she was very pretty in her adult years she refused to marry again because she just loved her husband too much. And after decades of losing him, she would still tell me stories of how they met and how much she loved him. Some people just do have a good fortune and it just breaks anyone’s heart to know what they are going through.

Mette was lonely and anyone that passed her would just make her day. One day her she spotted a wild deer from her window and thought what better way to confront him than giving him a biscuit to eat. After a day or so she found the deer again waiting at her window for some food. So she gave him food again and this turned into some sort of friendship between the two. Every day the deer would come and the old woman would give him a biscuit or some bread to eat. This would soon spark the curiosity of neighbours and one of them ended up filing the moment of interaction between the woman and the deer.

The video soon ended up posted on Facebook and becoming viral but it was the comments that surprised everyone. You might think that the act of the woman would heart warm anyone that sees her gesture but the comments did not show this, in fact, they were more hateful than positive. The comments said that the woman had lost her mind and that she was doing harm to the deer and also risking her own life coming close to such a wild animal.

Actually, it is scientifically proven that any animal raised in the wild has a hard time to digest any human food and also feeding a wild animal up close can be very dangerous due to its instinct to kill its prey and eat it. But Mette has shown otherwise and that the deer is friendlier than others expect. He has never come with a pack of his own, only by himself and wants only some food and getting a pet on its head. Neighbours near the woman have seen the relationship between the two and the deer do not seem to have planned on harming the woman any time soon.

Actually, I think that the animal senses our kindness and if they create a bond between us they are able to recognize us as a friend and have no intention to harm. 




  2. The poor old woman is lonely and the visit from this animal makes her happy and the animal enjoys the little treat from her. God bless them both. Heart warming for sure !!!

  3. There are so many people that do terrible harm to animals, to see someone showing such loving care for this beautiful animal is heart warming. But the fact that she lives alone, this give her day purpose and no doubt the stag gives her some company too. I love it. And if the bread or biscuits were going to do the animal harm, it seems that it would be evident by now. This video is beautiful, and totally made my day. 😊💖💝❤👍👍👍👍😊

  4. Bless your heart keep feeding your friend , I live in Canada on Vancouver Island I feed birds all winter , in the spring they stop coming for food --- return to be feed in late fall , brings such joy to me and makes happy they have full tummies when food is hard to find . Merry Christmas

  5. Unfortunately, the deer becomes used to humans and getting free food and some dude will come along and kill it for sport and the deer will not remember it is supposed to run from such enemies and will be a very easy target. Want a pet, get a cat or dog IMHO.

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