Grandma Tries To Pay Her Sister Back For Hot Dogs – Their Hilarious Argument Has Been Viewed By Millions

As people get older, their minds tend to go elsewhere. The natural process of aging can actually be quite funny. Of course, sometimes you just settle into yourself a bit more. But sometimes it can turn you into a grandma who bickers a whole lot more than usual.

Genevieve Musci (known as “Gee”) and Arlene Cody Bashnett (known as “Ginga”) are sisters. The former is 104-years-old and the latter is 99-years-old and no, we are not kidding. The two share a brother, Louie, but he isn’t the highlight of this story.
Instead, Gee and Ginga are most certainly the stars of this show. Together, they have a joint YouTube channel where they post comedic videos and it truly is hilarious.

They have millions of YouTube followers and Facebook fans.
The elderly siblings have quite the following on the Internet, where they post funny videos of each other. All of the clips get millions of views and the two are usually seen taking photos with “fans” at their local grocery store in Clarksburg, WV.
Watch the hilarious full clip below. It will make you wish every “argument” was like this one!

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