This “Family Feud” contestant blurted out an answer so unexpected that Steve Harvey had to take a knee

Many people are aware of Steve Harvey and his show Family Feud on ABC, but for those of you that aren’t the show basically features two different families that answer questions based upon the answers from many people prior to the showing. The questions are all generally tame; though every once in a while there’s some very leading questions, most of the comedic value of the show comes from the contestants answers and Steve’s reactions to them, and this contestant really made him hit the floor!

While taping a show one family made it to the final round where they answer a series of questions before the time runs out. This time one of the questions was to name a part of the male body that’s larger now than it was when they were sixteen based on 100 different men’s answers, and this unfortunate woman named the first thing to pop into her mind – the penis.

Now, I’ve heard the whole grow-er versus show-er debates much more than I care to recall, but even with the loaded question it still seems a bit off-the-wall as a first response. That answer was so bad they couldn’t even finish the actual round of questions during the initial time span and had to start over – though she was forced to keep “the penis” as her answer to the first question. Well, maybe that family should have picked someone else to send up…
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