A Little Boy Perspective On Why God Created Grandmothers. Such a Heart-warming Answer!

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandma around you while growing up, then you must know how much they’re loving and caring to you. I still remember visiting grandma in another city and arriving to a bunch of toys in the living room, she used to spoil me with delicious meals and sweets. She played with me almost all the time and cheer me up whenever I’m sad.
Grandmothers are one of the best things in our waking life. They’ll listen when you need to talk, and part the wisdom they’ve gathered over their many years.
So when a little boy in a karate uniform was asked about his 100-year-old “MamMa,” and why God created her, his response was just adorable.
With perhaps the exception of “she’s the king of all of them,” the boy made some very true, although silly sounding, statements. As we grow older, we become more calm and composed. So grandparents are generally more gentle and caring than younger adults are. This is why you’d see a happy, passive grandma, but you’d hear stories by their kids saying they used to be rather fierce when they were younger.
When you consider that they get to have the fun of children around, without having to worry about the drudges of parenting, grandparents can have a more lax and supportive approach to the youngsters.
Grandmas are the best, and this little boy certainly knows it! Even if he can’t believe how old she is, he certainly thinks the world of her. That’s all he knows!

It’s clear that this little boy thinks grandmas are very special and how can you argue with his reasons? Share if you agree that grandmas are the best.
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