This Is Hilarious: Billy And The Big Guy

Billy was sitting at the City Bar last weekend, minding his own business, when this big ole oilfield roughneck walks in, goes up to him, (the smallest guy in the place), and backhands him off the barstool. 

The big guy looks at Billy laying on the floor, and says, "Karate, from Japan!"

Billy picks himself up, brushes himself off, and sits back on the barstool. A couple of minutes later, the big guy again wops Billy, knocking him to the floor again. 

He looks at Billy and says, "Karate, from Japan!" Billy gets up brushes himself off and walks out of the bar.

About five minutes later, Billy comes back in, walks up to the guy and 'WHAM' . . . knocks the guy off his stool and on the floor, knocked him out cold. 

Billy sits down, takes a sip of his beer, looks down at the big guy and says, "Crowbar from Ace Hardware!"
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