Top Joke of Today : A philosopher, a mathematician, and an idiot die and go to heaven

They arrive at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter greets them with a smile, but the devil is standing beside them. The three men stand there looking very confused. 

Saint Peter tells them that heaven is getting very crowded, and only those who can trick the devil gain entrance to heaven. The three men agree and the devil approaches each of them separately.

The devil comes up to the mathematician first and says "Give me any complex mathematical equation, and I'll solve it."
So the mathematician thinks for a while and give the devil a problem. The devil solves it and hands it right back to him. The mathematician says "Alright, I'll go to hell." And off he went.

The devil then approaches the philosopher and says for him to give him any sophisticated philosophical idea, and he'll explain it. So the philosopher does this and gives it to the devil. The devil, again, explains it and the philosopher agrees to go to hell.

Finally, the devil goes up to the idiot and says in an annoyed tone "Alright, wattaya got?"
The idiot thinks for a second and then declares "Get me a chair." The devil complies and gets the idiot a chair. "Alright, now drill seven holes in it." Again the devil complies and drills seven holes. Then, the idiot sits down in the chair and he farts. "Alright," the idiot declared with a grin. 

"Which hole did my fart come out of?"
The devil was taken aback, and stood confused at the idiot. "Uhh, that one!" The devil said as he pointed to a random hole.
"No stupid. My asshole!"
The idiot goes to Heaven.

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