Your Joke For The Day! 🤣🤪 Pious Parrots...

One day a woman approached her parish priest for advice. “Father, I have two female parrots at home. I’m so distraught I don’t know what to do. They say such horrible things!“ “What do they say?“ the priest asks. “Well, much of it shouldn’t be repeated, but to give you the idea, they say things like: ‘Hey, we’re hot and freaky girls, wanna play with us?’.“

The priest thinks about this a moment and answers, “I also have two talking parrots, but mine recite prayers and read scriptures most of the day. Perhaps if we put all of them in a cage together, my parrots can teach yours not to say such awful things.“

So the next day the lady brings her parrots to the priest, and all four parrots are put into a cage together. Within minutes the two female parrots say ‘Hey, we’re hot and freaky girls, wanna play with us?’

The priest’s parrots slowly lift their heads up from their prayer books. One looks at the other and says “Put the book away brother, our prayers have been answered!“
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