Wife buys crotchless panties to spice things up with her husband and his reaction is priceless


So Lily was discouraged because her husband didnt react to her throwing her legs over her head. 

She went to talk to her much younger friend to get some advice from her.
Her younger friend suggested that she go to Victoria Secret and buy some crotchless panties. 

So Lily went to VS and bought some crotchless panties . 

That night Lily put on the panties and lit some candles. She laid on the bed and waited for her husband to come out of the bathroom. 

Lily said, "jean, why dont you come and get some of this"?
Jean looked at Lily with sheer terror in his eyes and yelled, "I am not coming near that, look what it has done to your panties"....
Lily fails again...lol

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