HILARIOUS Joke : An elderly woman makes an appointment to see a sex therapist.


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An elderly woman makes an appointment to see a sex therapist. 
She tells the therapist, "lately me and my husbands sex life has been non existent". 
The therapist tells the lady to try something different. When your husband comes home be laying on the bed naked with your feet over your head. That will excite him. 
The woman says she will try it. 
So later that week her husband goes to the grocery store. She notices he has left his glasses on the nightstand and realizes this is a good time to try her therapist advice. 
 The little old lady goes to the bedroom removes all her clothes, lays on the bed and throws her legs up over her head. She hears her husband come in the front door and yells for him. Her husband opens the bedroom door and stands there a minute. She says, "well, what do you think"? 
He says, "for Gods sake Effie, comb your hair and put your teeth back in".....lol

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