Funny joke : The Farmer And His Wife


Farmer and his wife had finished their work for the day, ate their dinner, and she was doing the dishes while he sat watching her.  She leaned over, putting a pot in the oven, and he said, "You know, Millie, that things about as broad as a 4-row corn picker".  

She paid him no mind and when finished, she went in took her shower and sat down to read her Bible.  When she was ready to go to bed, she bent over to put her slippers under the bed and he said, "No Millie, that's a 10-row corn picker if I ever say one".  

When in bed, he kept trying to mess around and she acted as if she was the only one in the bed.  He asked her why she was treating him like that.  

(ARE YOU READY FOR THIS)  She said, "You didn't marry a fool.  I'm not starting up an $80,000 piece of machinery for half an ear of corn!"


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