fisheries officer arrest Nigel trying to fishing for crabs


One afternoon Nigel is down at the river illegally fishing for crabs. 

He catches a big crab and is about to put it in the boot of his car, when all of a sudden a fisheries officer appears out of nowhere and says to Nigel, "how's it going buddy, looks like I caught you red handed, you know fishing for crabs is illegal", Nigel not looking very worried replies, "yeah I know,

 but this is my pet crab, I bring him down to the river every day for a swim", the fisheries officer says in disbelief, "bullshit", 

Nigel replies, "here I'll show you", Nigel puts the crab in the water and off it went.

About 10 Min later the fisheries officer asked Nigel, "so where's the crab", Nigel simply replies, "what crab".
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